E.K. Deubell

e-mail: bellziebeasts@gmail.com


I have a shiny new Etsy store that contains some of my greeting cards and potholders, please visit!

Also, if there is anything on this website that you'd like a high-quality print of and you do not see it in the Etsy store, please feel free to contact me! I'm always happy to custom print anything you'd like, sized to your specifications. I can even create a custom Etsy listing for you if you'd prefer I accept money orders and PayPal, just let me know what you're interested in at bellziebeasts@gmail.com.

Some general pricing:

Any greeting card, with envelope: $3.50
Any 4 greeting cards: $12.00
Any 8 greeting cards: $22.00
Any 8 1/2" X 11" print*: $10.00
Any 11" X 17" print*: $18.00
Potholders: $18-$22 (And yes, I DO take requests for potholder designs!)

Shipping for 1-2 cards: $1.00
Shipping per additional card: 25ยข (This is negotiable if buying a large quantity.)
Shipping per potholder: $2.00

*or equivalent size, based on the dimensions of the piece

Note: All items are printed on 100-lb acid-free card stock and signed by the artist. Envelopes are included with all greeting card sales. All items are shipped USPS Priority mail in sturdy packaging. All sales are final, unless there is a VERY good reason for the return. I am extremely fastidious about the quality of the things I send as well as their packaging. But bad things DO sometimes happen to good packages during the shipping process, so if anything should arrive damaged etc, just contact me for refund info.

(no stalkers please)