E.K. Deubell is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio where she attended The Seven Hills Schools, as well as The Art Academy of Cincinnati. She then attended The Columbus College of Art and Design, where she studied illustration and cartoon animation. She has since been commissioned for many freelance projects for bands, publications, universities, and private collectors.

   An avid music fan, Deubell has done design work for many regional and national bands. She has created posters, stickers, T-shirts, hoodies, and other promotional illustrations for internationally renowned rock band Karma To Burn, including album art for their 2001 release, "Almost Heathen", ", the 2007 limited-edition box set, "Mountain Mamas", as well as 2009's "Live In London And Chasing the Dragon", " on Spitfire Records.


These days, Deubell works out of Columbus, Ohio, where she continues to design greeting cards and holiday ornaments depicting whimsical scenes of animals and nature. She also focuses on children's book art, wildlife illustration, and portraiture, while continuing to create promotional art for up-and-coming bands. Oh, and she makes heavy-metal themed potholders... because it's funnier that way.

Recently, Deubell was commissioned to do a series of scientific plant drawings for a regional field guide for trees, shrubs, and vines found in northeastern North America (US and Canada), for Prof. James S. Fralish of Southern Illinois University. Unbelievably cool and challenging project. Some of the initial work can be seen in Plants 'n' Flowers.

Deubell is unaccustomed to talking about herself in the third person, and, given the option, would prefer to spend the rest of her days living at the the bottom of the sea.

She would also like to strongly encourage everyone to take a good hard look around every once in a while.


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